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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

WP CleanFix - A New & Simple Way to Keep WordPress Database Clean

WP CleanFix is one of the excellent WordPress plugins that check, repair, fixes and optimizes your WordPress blog in an exceptional way. Yes, you read it correct. WP CleanFix has got fresh update to its release and now it brings innovation with its features, performance and functionalities.

Many of you all may still don’t have information about CleanFix, which is the most powerful WordPress plugin, to take care of lots of unnecessary data that stores in your databases such as post revisions, the like, not-so-updated tables, spam comments and more.

With just one simple click, you can run your WordPress site very effortlessly. In addition, it is all in one plugin that mainly designed to check, repair, fix and optimize one’s WordPress blog and website.

Finally, this plugin gets more power with its new release that introduces many new features and newness to this plugin. Without discussion more about it, let’s have a look on what’s new in this plugin:

CleanFix’s latest and new release is completely wonderful as it comes with unique features that users have been asking for very long time. Describing its all new features here is not possible, but we can give a look on major features that widely demanded by users.

Added (WPDK) User Transients Checking And Cleaning

Added Check
For Unapproved,
Trash and Spam Comments

Added Transients Checking And Cleaning

Extends Html Editor: Fontname, Size, Color, Extra Tags

WordPress MU Compatibility

Database Tables Optimization

Pay And Get Updated Version

Apart from these features, there are many other features that are added in this plugin. The new release of CleanFix is a paid version for all those, who are new to this plugin. However, current users can get the new release for free.

Well, this one such plugin that is perfect for all, who are looking to get rid of irritated database management that regularly increases problems. With this plugin, they can literally clean their WordPress site up from missing categories, Meta tags, users and more.

The best part of this plugin’s update is that it representing lots of functions that provided as single plugins. You can easily make them obtainable very easily through a clean dashboard for the website management.

New CleanFix - for $15

When it comes to new CleanFix, it is obtainable for all the new wpXtreme users with huge discounted amount $15. It is a highly powerful plugin, but the price is much competitive compare to its usefulness.

If you are impressed with the features of new CleanFix, make sure you purchase it for your website and keep your WordPress site clean. Once you purchase this new plugin (CleanFix) for WordPress, you will get following mentioned things:

The all new CleanFix for WordPress and its updates that comes with it for 1 year.

It doesn’t matter whether you are familiar with WordPress or not, you can get excellent customer support.

All the new features and improvements obtainable to CleanFix users.

Its clean and
simple UI allows users enable/disable every single feature very smoothly with just one single click.

So, it is one of the excellent releases of CleanFix plugin that make it extremely easy for WordPress site and blogs to face up with unnecessary data. To get more information on WordPress plugins and its development, you can click here.

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Interact with us @Joseph_Herb. More from us → blogs.perceptionsystem.com and wordpresscmsexperts.com (design & development shop).

Friday, 24 January 2014

wpForGlass – A New & First WP Plugin for Google Glass

Today, Google Glass is one of the trendiest technologies with an optical head-mounted display, which is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project. Across the world, lots of people have appreciated this product because of its incredible features.

Before this product launched in the market, it already got a WordPress plugin. Isn’t it completely amazing?

At Weber Shandwick, a PR and communication firm, a team of experienced people has developed the first WordPress plugin called wpForGlass, which easily interfaces with Google Glass in order to publish content without any hassle.

Google Glass’s first WP plugin lets users to post to their WordPress blog from Google Glass. It is completely wonderful for WordPress users, who need to post any important stuff on the go.

At the moment, this plugin is operated by touch; however, according to Mashable a team of WP developers also planned to add voice commands but now it's "in the pipeline."

Now, wpForGlass makes it easily possible for people to take a photo, video or anything and quickly send it to their WordPress blog. Users of this plugin can also speak any caption before their media is uploaded.

Moreover, the use case of this plugin is much clear as it uses the Mirror API from Google to enable users to post pictures and videos with Google Glass on their blog.

Many of you all may think how this plugin works and what kind of features and benefits it offers in our day-to-day life. Well, using this plugin is not a big deal as WordPress user can use this plugin that interfaces with Google Glass to publish content.

Let’s give a look on wpForGlass plugin’s uses, features and how it works:

wpForGlass – How it works?

When it comes to wpForGlass, it uses Google’s Mirror API in order to send out the data through Google server. All the users will need an SSL certificate, when they first set up this plugin.

The certification of this plugin gives an ability to set up cron jobs and Mirror API Access to develop an OAuth 2.0 client ID for your application.

Moreover, it is also crucial to note that the shared media is practiced on Google servers, and then downloaded to the WordPress website that may take some minutes to process.

Here’s a video by the plugin’s creator demonstrating how it works.

wpForGlass – Give New Height to Journalism & Live Blogging

wpForGlass is one such WordPress plugin for Google Glass that has the potential to be revolutionary for journalism. This plugin made it extremely easy to deliver content and news to people in a live environment. Being a highly beneficial plugin for journalists and live bloggers, this plugin allows hands-free and propinquity publishing benefits to users.

Recording events and transmitted in near real-time becomes much easy for people and they don’t need a live news station camera feed also. It has capability to shoot and transmit pictures, videos and other stuff to a blog in a hands-free environment.

It opens many new capabilities for journalists, documentations and bloggers, who were until busy to carry their notepads, camera and phones in their hands to observe and report. Google Glass’s plugin code is open source, so Glass explorers can take benefit of this plugin.

Weber Shandwick's vice president of technology innovation Ozzy Farman said

Instead of pulling out a phone or camera to take a picture that needs to be posted online right away, this is so much easier.

He also added

The process of publishing through Glass feels as instantaneous as blinking (or winking). We feel that in today’s socially driven media environment, instantaneous publishing is going to be, hands-down THE killer app for Glass.

So, all the journalists and live bloggers can make use of this plugin to make their work a lot easier than before and enjoy a complete range of features.

Wrapping Text:

Recently, Folks at Weber Shandwich has launched the first WordPress plugin for Google Glass that interfaces with Google Glass in order to publish content without any hassle. This plugin is completely amazing because of its wonderful features that allow users to publish images and videos on the go.

Image Credit: rimazrauf.com, WordPress

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Interact with us @Joseph_Herb. More from us → blogs.perceptionsystem.com and wordpresscmsexperts.com (design & development shop).

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Little Known Tricks to Powerful WordPress Design

Painting your site with diverse palette of colors may discourage your visitors from going through the stuffs on your blog. They may find it too bright or too dull.

Another thing is putting a lot of beautiful stuffs in a page can also affect page performance thus; the scene will always end up for another prospect visitor lost. Therefore, you need to be at least knowledgeable on WordPress design especially if you’re marketing a large audience.

Powerful WordPress Design

According to a research, a great portion of the entire population prefers graphical presentations than in text therefore investing bucks to improve how your page looks is important to gain your visitor’s first impression.

But this doesn’t mean you should leave no room for your articles. The point is to prioritize the front end interface of your blog such that the design goes hand in hand with its contents.

In a typical scenario, a researcher (which is your audience) will always think about himself not putting attention on how complex your page is built. He is the boss so you must serve him by putting the most reliable content he need.

If the first impression of your blog is dull and boring, clicking the big X mark on the window won’t cost any effort for him. Therefore, to prevent this, this article intends to entice and engage your visitors by setting up the right flavors for your WordPress blog.

1# Apply Minimum Palette Of Colors

Yes, visitors love a colorful page but to the point that the contents seem to be overlaid by the awful combinations of your colors, that’s when colors make no sense.

Use a great tone of colors and maintain at least three colors for your navigation panels, headers, etc and two colors for the text. It is always recommended to keep your texts in black or grey as they are considered web safe which are mainly compatible to any browsers.

If you want to go beyond the typical black or grey texts, make sure the colors you selected are “web-safe” and should be consistently used in all pages.

For your content panels, use an accent color that matches your master pages. Only use proper highlights when you want to add emphasis like when the user clicks a button, a relevant accent color within the range of the limited palettes of your color scheme will be shown.

2# Choose Generally Attractive Fonts

Your font selection should not be bias to your personal taste but mainly to your visitors’. Creating custom fonts that would give your blog a brand can also be more appealing than using the typical Verdana fonts most sites use rampantly.

Although it’s quite a hassle to set up custom fonts, it will make your blog stand out if properly implemented. You can do this by using third party sites in WordPress like Typekit or avail the free Google Font API instead.

Little Known Tricks to Powerful WordPress Design

3# Photos Speak A Thousand Words

Sometimes, words are not enough to describe whatever stuff you post. Complementing it with professional photos can be more attractive and informative.

There are open source sites offering photos under Creative Commons License such as Flickr. Be careful in grabbing these photos and make sure you comply with the appropriate licenses.

When adding image contents in your WordPress, make sure to optimize its resolution such that it can be viewed properly in the web. Choosing the lowest resolution with better quality will also increase page load thus, can draw attention from your visitor.

The point here is to arrive at the lowest resolution image with good image quality.

4# Organize Texts

No matter how informative your contents are, it would mean nothing if sprayed in an unorganized, rough- looking structure. Organize your texts into headers, subheads, or bulleted lists when enumerating.

If you wish to emphasize a line of text, use the built in formatting tool and make sure your introductory sentence is short and appealing. Use paragraphs properly to avoid a dull reading experience for your visitor.

Author Bio:

The AUTHOR of this post is a WordPress blogger and Web Designer. He loves to share valuable tips about blogging and web designing. He is also a contributing writer to www.essayjedi.com

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

WordPress Owners Improve Functionality of Your Site with Third-Party Plugins

Today, WordPress has witnessed tremendous growth in the market as it is the most powerful platform with lots of themes, functionalities and other features. WordPress users can get the ability to customize this CMS as per their business requirements.

However, users can also get lots of WordPress plugins for third-party services as WordPress plugins can improve the effectiveness, performance and functionality of your website.

WordPress Owners Improve

As we all know that there are numerous plugins obtainable on the web, so it is quite difficult for users to choose effective yet feature-rich plugins for their website. Here, I presented 5 essential WordPress Third-Party plugins that you can add in your website to expand the performance of your site.

Visual Form Builder:

Now, you can give your website a professional touch by integrating contact forms in it. With the Visual Form Builder plugin, it is much easy for you to so this as it allows you to develop different kinds of forms of your website with no coding required. You can easily get fully functional forms up and running in no time as its simple drag and drop facility is excellent.

Online Backup for WordPress:

If you are looking for a data backup plan for your website, there is nothing better than Online Backup for WordPress as it is free yet easy-to-use plugin for users. This plugin offers schedule automated daily or weekly back-ups, perform manual back-ups and more. For additional or extra security, It will also en encrypt stored files. There are no chances of losing anything as your both database and file system are backed-up.

W3 Total Cache:

How many of you all know this that the website speed is also factored into Google ranking algorithm? It is extremely important for you to give importance to your website’s speed. W3 Total Cache plugin enhances your website’s performance and makes it run faster by displaying users a pre-created version of your pages rather than executing the PHP scripts every time a page loads. Website visitors as well as search engines prefer for faster-loading websites.

SEO Smart Links:

SEO Smart Links is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to enhance your on-page SEO automatically with this simple yet easy-to-use plugin. It scans your content and blog posts and easily inserts related internal links to other posts and pages that are based on keywords. It comes with some exceptional features including open links in new tabs, no-follow links, open links in new tabs and more.


Akismet is also the most popular WordPress plugin that saves your maximum time and keeps your reputation of your small business website intact by weeding out some spam comments. There is no need to delete those comments yourself and your visitors also don’t have to bother about wading with badly written spam comments to get involve in discussion.

So, these are some of the best WordPress plugins that you can use in your website and get numerous benefits. However, if you want to get your own WordPress plugin to expand your website’s capability, hire WordPress developer from any reliable WordPress development company and get your desired WP service.


"Now, WordPress website owners can boost the functionality of their website by making use of different WordPress plugins that are obtainable on the web. In this blog, I have provided 5 essential WordPress plugins that you can use to improve your website performance and other features".

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I am , a WordPress developer to hire at Perception System since 5 years. I have an expertise in developing WP sites and blogs for various industries.

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Friday, 1 November 2013

Getting Problem in Testing WordPress Without Device? Read Following Tips

No matter you are a site owner or theme developer, you must require different devices to test your WordPress site. It would be excellent to have different varieties of devices for testing. However, if you don’t have then emulators are helpful. In this post, we are going to provide you different alternatives for setting up emulators for iOS and Android.

Testing WordPress Without Device

One of the daunting tasks for WordPress developers it is to test WP sites on different platforms. Getting a site that looks the same in every platform like IE6 is a bit difficult. Nowadays, businesses also want their site looks excellent tablets and smartphones. No doubt, responsive website helps to deal with every platform, but before launching or upgrading a site, it is must to test on basic platforms to make sure its effectiveness.

It would be nice to be able to keep an up-to-date library of cool gadgets to be able to test on but not only is this expensive it would probably mean that we’d never get any work done. There are many different types of tools available for testing different platforms. Moreover, it won’t hit productivity as well.

iOS Simulation For Testing iOS Devices

It is advisable to use Apple’s own iOS Simulator app for testing a site on the iOS devices. a site on the iOS devices is part of XCode, Apple's "integrated development environment…for developing software for OS X and iOS".

The simulator is a separate application that can be easily dragged to the dock and runs as needed without requiring starting XCode first every time. If you want to get XCode, you have to signing into an Apple Developer ID. Go to Downloads for Apple Developers for downloading XCode and write down ‘xcode’ and select an appropriate version for your running OS X. after downloading, follow below given steps to instal Xcode.

  • Open a Finder Window and click on ‘Application’ option.
  • Press Right-click on XCode and click on ‘Show Package Contents’ available in the context menu
  • Now, Open Contents > Developer > Platforms > iPhoneSimulator.platform > Developer > Applications
  • After that, see iOS Simulator listed and drag it to the Dock for easy assessment
  • While opening the application, it will start as the previous device you simulated or iPhone you used first
  • WordPress developer can easily change mobile device by clicking on the Hardware menu item and rotate it through same menus or by shortcut keys
  • Click on the Hardware menu item to check WP site and enter your URL in the location bar.

Android Simulation On OSX / Windows

It is simple to access the Android Simulator, if it is insignificantly more complicated process to accessing the iOS Simulator but, is valuable effort. Now, we are going to install the Android SDK that available for different platforms like MS Windows and OS X. follow below given instruction for installing MS Windows and OS X:

  • First of all, download the Android SK
  • Run the installer on windows and unzip the download on a Mac
  • Now, go to installed / unzipped folder and click on Tools > Android. Now, you will see a command prompt and the Android SDK Manager application will open
  • After that, check the Android 4.3 folder and then, Install (x) Packages (It will take some time)
  • Once installation process get completed, you have to set up virtual devices to simulate by click on Tools > Manage AVDs that is available at the SDK Manager menu
  • Create your own or click on Device Definitions and then, choose a device and click on Create AVD and press OK. Now, you will see your device listed in the List of existing Android Virtual Devices
  • Now, you have to highlight your device and press on ‘Start’ option. Ensure to determine the scale of display real size and click on ‘Launch’ option

Other Option:

BrowserStack, a web-based browser testing, is other option to test your website, if you don’t want to install the SDKs. One of the best things about this is it doesn’t installation for testing external websites. Developers can check a huge range of devices and platforms, adding browsers and desktop operating systems as well.


Confused!! What option is best? It is up to you whether you go for installing the SDKs or BrowserStack. Adopting BrowserStack allows to test through one interface, including various desktop operating systems and browsers. So, if you are developing Ecommerce Website for Mobile Phones or any other site in WP, check out our option of testing your website.

Image Credit: smashingmagazine.com

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I am , working with WordPress development company Perception System. It provides hire WordPress developer service for theme, plugin, design and development at affordable rates.
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