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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Little Known Tricks to Powerful WordPress Design

Painting your site with diverse palette of colors may discourage your visitors from going through the stuffs on your blog. They may find it too bright or too dull.

Another thing is putting a lot of beautiful stuffs in a page can also affect page performance thus; the scene will always end up for another prospect visitor lost. Therefore, you need to be at least knowledgeable on WordPress design especially if you’re marketing a large audience.

Powerful WordPress Design

According to a research, a great portion of the entire population prefers graphical presentations than in text therefore investing bucks to improve how your page looks is important to gain your visitor’s first impression.

But this doesn’t mean you should leave no room for your articles. The point is to prioritize the front end interface of your blog such that the design goes hand in hand with its contents.

In a typical scenario, a researcher (which is your audience) will always think about himself not putting attention on how complex your page is built. He is the boss so you must serve him by putting the most reliable content he need.

If the first impression of your blog is dull and boring, clicking the big X mark on the window won’t cost any effort for him. Therefore, to prevent this, this article intends to entice and engage your visitors by setting up the right flavors for your WordPress blog.

1# Apply Minimum Palette Of Colors

Yes, visitors love a colorful page but to the point that the contents seem to be overlaid by the awful combinations of your colors, that’s when colors make no sense.

Use a great tone of colors and maintain at least three colors for your navigation panels, headers, etc and two colors for the text. It is always recommended to keep your texts in black or grey as they are considered web safe which are mainly compatible to any browsers.

If you want to go beyond the typical black or grey texts, make sure the colors you selected are “web-safe” and should be consistently used in all pages.

For your content panels, use an accent color that matches your master pages. Only use proper highlights when you want to add emphasis like when the user clicks a button, a relevant accent color within the range of the limited palettes of your color scheme will be shown.

2# Choose Generally Attractive Fonts

Your font selection should not be bias to your personal taste but mainly to your visitors’. Creating custom fonts that would give your blog a brand can also be more appealing than using the typical Verdana fonts most sites use rampantly.

Although it’s quite a hassle to set up custom fonts, it will make your blog stand out if properly implemented. You can do this by using third party sites in WordPress like Typekit or avail the free Google Font API instead.

Little Known Tricks to Powerful WordPress Design

3# Photos Speak A Thousand Words

Sometimes, words are not enough to describe whatever stuff you post. Complementing it with professional photos can be more attractive and informative.

There are open source sites offering photos under Creative Commons License such as Flickr. Be careful in grabbing these photos and make sure you comply with the appropriate licenses.

When adding image contents in your WordPress, make sure to optimize its resolution such that it can be viewed properly in the web. Choosing the lowest resolution with better quality will also increase page load thus, can draw attention from your visitor.

The point here is to arrive at the lowest resolution image with good image quality.

4# Organize Texts

No matter how informative your contents are, it would mean nothing if sprayed in an unorganized, rough- looking structure. Organize your texts into headers, subheads, or bulleted lists when enumerating.

If you wish to emphasize a line of text, use the built in formatting tool and make sure your introductory sentence is short and appealing. Use paragraphs properly to avoid a dull reading experience for your visitor.

Author Bio:

The AUTHOR of this post is a WordPress blogger and Web Designer. He loves to share valuable tips about blogging and web designing. He is also a contributing writer to www.essayjedi.com


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