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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

WP CleanFix - A New & Simple Way to Keep WordPress Database Clean

WP CleanFix is one of the excellent WordPress plugins that check, repair, fixes and optimizes your WordPress blog in an exceptional way. Yes, you read it correct. WP CleanFix has got fresh update to its release and now it brings innovation with its features, performance and functionalities.

Many of you all may still don’t have information about CleanFix, which is the most powerful WordPress plugin, to take care of lots of unnecessary data that stores in your databases such as post revisions, the like, not-so-updated tables, spam comments and more.

With just one simple click, you can run your WordPress site very effortlessly. In addition, it is all in one plugin that mainly designed to check, repair, fix and optimize one’s WordPress blog and website.

Finally, this plugin gets more power with its new release that introduces many new features and newness to this plugin. Without discussion more about it, let’s have a look on what’s new in this plugin:

CleanFix’s latest and new release is completely wonderful as it comes with unique features that users have been asking for very long time. Describing its all new features here is not possible, but we can give a look on major features that widely demanded by users.

Added (WPDK) User Transients Checking And Cleaning

Added Check
For Unapproved,
Trash and Spam Comments

Added Transients Checking And Cleaning

Extends Html Editor: Fontname, Size, Color, Extra Tags

WordPress MU Compatibility

Database Tables Optimization

Pay And Get Updated Version

Apart from these features, there are many other features that are added in this plugin. The new release of CleanFix is a paid version for all those, who are new to this plugin. However, current users can get the new release for free.

Well, this one such plugin that is perfect for all, who are looking to get rid of irritated database management that regularly increases problems. With this plugin, they can literally clean their WordPress site up from missing categories, Meta tags, users and more.

The best part of this plugin’s update is that it representing lots of functions that provided as single plugins. You can easily make them obtainable very easily through a clean dashboard for the website management.

New CleanFix - for $15

When it comes to new CleanFix, it is obtainable for all the new wpXtreme users with huge discounted amount $15. It is a highly powerful plugin, but the price is much competitive compare to its usefulness.

If you are impressed with the features of new CleanFix, make sure you purchase it for your website and keep your WordPress site clean. Once you purchase this new plugin (CleanFix) for WordPress, you will get following mentioned things:

The all new CleanFix for WordPress and its updates that comes with it for 1 year.

It doesn’t matter whether you are familiar with WordPress or not, you can get excellent customer support.

All the new features and improvements obtainable to CleanFix users.

Its clean and
simple UI allows users enable/disable every single feature very smoothly with just one single click.

So, it is one of the excellent releases of CleanFix plugin that make it extremely easy for WordPress site and blogs to face up with unnecessary data. To get more information on WordPress plugins and its development, you can click here.

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