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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Solve the Internal Server Error in WordPress

While exploring internet, many time we have seen the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error that creates panic mode. In this article, we are going to solve the Internal Server Error by implementing all the possible solution. Discussing about the Internal Server Error, it is one of the commonest errors of WordPress. Previously, there are many fixed errors like error establishing database connection, internal server error, the white screen of death, etc. solved for the users and now, its turn for the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.

Here, we are giving you an assurance to fix this internal server error after finding the reason behind the error. An accurate reason for internal server error is yet not specified, but it can be occurred with anything run on your server. Mostly, internal server error is caused by the theme and/or plug-in functions. Another reasons for internal server error in WordPress are PHP memory limit and .htaccess file. It is also noted that error can be occurred while anyone accesses the administrator area although remaining areas of site works finely.

Firstly, check corrupt .htaccess file by renaming the main .htaccess file. You can make login by using the FTP details for renaming the .htaccess file. After login, you will see the .htaccess file in the same directory, where you will find folders like wp-includes, wp-content and wp-admin. After renaming the .htaccess file, try to load your website and see whether error occurred or not. Before moving to the next step, remember to go through Settings » Permalinks and click the save button. This will ensure you with proper rewrite rules. If your problem doesn’t get solved, then you have to follow second solution.

Secondly, you have to increase memory limit in WordPress to sort out Internal Server Error, if you are noticing internal server error when you are login to your WordPress admin or uploading an image in your wp-admin. For increasing the memory limit, you have to create a blank text file called php.ini and insert code “memory=64MB” and save it. Now, upload it into wp-admin/ folder using FTP. If it resolved your problem, it doesn’t mean that you have resolved it permanently as something like coding of plug-in or theme function may be grueling your memory limit. It is recommended to contact with your WordPress web hosting company for permanent solution.

Thirdly, if above two solutions doesn’t work, then it may be problem with certain plug-in. There are situation, where the combination of two plug-in doesn’t throw an appropriate outcomes that results into the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. To sort out this problem, you have to deactivate all WordPress plugins. If it solves your problem, then you have to find out single plug-in that creates problem. For that, you have to reactive plug-in one-by-one.

Lastly, if deactivation of plug-in doesn’t resolve your problem, then it is advisable to re-upload the wp-includes and wp-admin folder from a fresh WordPress install. It surely solves your problem, if any file was corrupted.

Above given are some possible solutions for the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error, even if you don’t find solution, it is better to contact with the hosting provider for better assistance.

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