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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ways to Deactivate All Plugins When Internal Server Error Occurs in WordPress

In my previous blog, I had discussed about the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error and its solutions. One of those solutions is to deactivate all plugins to know which plug-in has problem in coding. But, the problem is sometimes, we can’t able to deactivate the plugins easily due to restriction with WordPress admin panel. Here, you will get solution about deactivation of plug-ins while you are not able to access wp-admin area.

With two effective methods, you can easily able to disable the plug-ins, i.e. use phpMyAdmin or use FTP details.

Deactive WordPress Plugins

How to deactivate All Plugins with phpMyAdmin?

FTP method is one of the easiest methods than phpMyAdmin. Those people, who don’t have idea about phpMyAdmin, it is better to go for FTP method. For deactivating all plug-ins through phpMyAdmin, navigate to the wp_options table, where you can find option name “active_plugins”. Now, change the value of that option with ‘a:0:{}’

How to deactivate All Plugins with FTP?

For deactivating all plug-ins, you have to require host’s file manager or FTP. Now, reach to the /wp-content/ folder, where you will have ‘plugins’ folder. In the next step, you have to rename “plugins” folder with anything you want, i.e. “plugins.old”. Once you rename it, your plugins will be automatically deactivated.

During this procedure, you may lock out of your admin panel. Do not worry, get login into your /wp-admin/ and rename again the plugin folder. After that, activate all your plugins one-by-one to know the problematic plug-in.

Above two methods will helpful for deactivating all the plugins with the easiest ways.

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