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Monday, 9 January 2012

How a WordPress Web development helps you to be a successful blogger?

Normally people think that website development does not require that much ability and it is the easiest job for wordpress web developer, but Hire website development is an art and it requires lot of skills and quality of knowledge, passions, time to develop the website etc. Professional wordpress website development and designers not only help your readers/customers to stay on your website for longer but they also make them feel comfortable when they get right amount of information on your website. Creating a unique looking and features rich website for each client is a big difficult task for the developer and it takes heart strength of a developer to provide the quality.

WordPress CMS development is one of the most popular open source Content Management System and blog publishing application platform. Hiring a WordPress developer is beneficial for custom wordpress blog development based websites because an expert or dedicated developer can have a lot of knowledge from the previous experience and you may get some new additional features in your WordPress blog. Professional WordPress designers take less time to develop your website and loading and execution speed of website will be high.
Some things that you should know…

I wish to demystify the difference between WordPress.org is a free and open source platform for blog posts. It is basically a blog engine and the content management system. On the other hand, WordPress.com only facilitates the hosting of the content from the blog engine; having said that, I would like to mention that WordPress is not rigid. It allows acquiring services from other third-party hosts as well, and allows switching back to WordPress.com hosting if required at the later stage.

The reason why users prefer taking up WordPress hosting services is that WordPress.com includes several unique features, which other hosting service providers may not offer, such as built-in engine analytics, custom WordPress design services, free collection of themes and much more. It helps users to choose to acquire WordPress customization designing or WordPress theme development services from reputed WordPress Developers India.

If you are handling your WordPress blog by yourself then, it is very necessary to optimize your WordPress Blog. And for that you have to pay attention on some of the following tips...
  • Less make the use of plug-ins if you are using so many. And though if you are using them then keep one thing in your mind that they should be highly recommended. Highly recommended means highly rated & most downloaded & also live plug-ins.
  • Always use the themes which are simple to use & easy to read and also related to your targeted niche.Otherwise having complicated themes there will be server load & it will create a big problem to your website.
  • If you are using any kind of unnecessary script then delete it. Never use unnecessary scripts.
  • Use cache mechanism to keep your content safe. There are many plug-INS to do caching. But again remember that there should be some recommended plug-ins only. Like Database caching, Page caching, Memory caching, Object caching.
  • For your images take another host site that will also reduce the server CPU load. Otherwise having so many visitors and then images can do big loss to your site. Beside imagine, it is better to host CSS & Javascript files also.
  • Optimize your database regularly and also backup regularly when you have lots of data in your MySql database, because it is very necessary to optimize your database.
  • It will be better if you buy small or medium size VPS (virtual private server) to overcome the load on your server CPU. And later as website will grow then add more resources in it as required. Pixel Crayons offers WordPress CMS web development & customization services along with theme design and integration service. You can hire Professional WordPress Developers at Pixel crayons.
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