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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Maintain Website Traffic And Generate Blogs By Using WordPress Plug-ins

Developing WordPress plug-ins is not very difficult. PHP is not much difficult programming language, WordPress is well-designed with appropriate hooks for use by plug-ins, and there is extensive documentation. The WordPress Plug-in Database is a categorized list of WordPress plug-ins development, complemented by a WordPress Plug-in developers allows one-click installs, say the database developers.

As for us everyday Hire WordPress developers who are constantly searching for fanatics & cool new plug-ins to make our site attract visitors and earn some money, the WordPress Plug-in Database is populated with plug-ins that can help you to generate web site traffic of your blog, sell your ebooks, share web site links, podcast your message, offer a public forum for returning visitors, and fight spam in the process.

Below this there is a short list of free plug-ins I discovered in this new database that can drive traffic to your blog, sell terrific products, and keep visitors on your site for a while – the perfect maintenance strategy for every blogging entrepreneur.

Would you like to add forum to your blog?

Simple Forum is a free plug-in that is described as a simple and straightforward forum that does the sort of stuff a forum is supposed to. Simple Forum currently has 71 features you can use to develop a growing community of returning visitors who are encouraged to speak to each other, and who share common interests with you, the brilliant blog owner and forum manager expert. Search engine spiders love the fresh content provided by a community forum. Simple forum can support your forum member’s comments in 17 languages.

WordPress Plugins Development
Skills required :
  • WordPress plugin development 
  • Expert knowledge of the WordPress API 
  • Experience Coding for Payment Gateways (Authorize.net, Google Checkout, PayPal) 
  • Strong Communication Skills 
  • Frequent Updates and Reports

Would you like to monetize your blog by selling your products and services with a WordPress shopping cart? The free WordPress eCommerce Lite shopping cart plug-in is described as an industrial strength, elegant, easy to use, fully featured shopping cart application suitable for selling your products, services, and or fees online. You can upgrade to the eCommerce Gold plug-in for just.

Reciprocal link directories create back links to your site that helps improve your site’s search engine ranking, and most shared link directories are not free. Plus, most of the blogs don’t offer a shared link directory. The free Wordpress Link Directory is described as the first and the only one link directory plug-in on the internet for WordPress admin to store and maintain a set of links in classified categories.