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Monday, 22 July 2013

SiteCore – An Excellent & Multi-functional .NET Content Mangement System

In the haste of providing better customer experience and shorten the time of customer acquisition, companies are looking for a unified platform that lets them provide the interactive customer engagement. A website is a platform with which companies can connect to the larger audience, utilize customer behavior and display the content relevant to the services and product it deals with. With changing customer patterns and technologies, it is required to have a website that offers required flexibility, scalability and ease of use to meet and support the requirements from time to time. This is where the role of CMS starts.

A good CMS or content management system delivers the required suppleness along with modular functionalities to ease the management of website and its content. There are many content management systems available such as Umbraco, Sitefinity, Sitecore, Magento, Dot Net Nuke, etc. which can transform the process of website content management and produce the expected online results with a wide array of features. Opting for any of these CMS is a tough task and requires one to define the priorities and features it is looking for in the CMS. While marketers and decision makers look for customer experience capabilities, developers and IT strategists give more weightage to dynamic infrastructure, tools, and capabilities for better performance.

Sitecore is the one which bears features of a great CMS. It is built on .Net framework and possesses remarkable features for today’s market-oriented websites. It offers enough customizations and convenience that lets your developers bend towards productivity in no time. Whether it is a corporate portal development or an online community website, Sitecore has all the features to accommodate your needs in an efficient manner. Besides these, what really separates Sitecore from other CMS is its out of the box functionalities and features which certainly mounts enough reasons to choose it above other CMS.

Sitecore CMS Solutions

User-friendly Interface:

Sitecore has a simple yet intuitive Microsoft- Ribbon like user interface. With this easy-to-use user interface you can instantly make changes and updates in your website and portal even if you do not possess technical knowledge.

Integrated SEO Module:

Sitecore has an integrated SEO module to help you optimize your website from a Search Engine Perspective. It gives you an ability to optimize your content right in the editor and create SEO-friendly URLs so that you can leverage organic rankings in all the search engines.

Multisite Development:

Sitecore provides multisite management and content sharing capabilities across many sites. This can be beneficial for larger organizations seeking a single platform for managing their wide number of websites.

Seamless Integration:

Sitecore being based on Microsoft technologies supports out-of-the-box integration with various Microsoft business applications such as SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Active Directory, etc. that fits your existing investment.

Cutting-Edge Development Environment:

Sitecore provides a powerful development environment to design and develop your websites and web applications leveraging .Net and XML standards. It is also compliant with World Wide Consortiums and supports Cascading Style Sheets giving you a cutting-edge development environment.

Multiple Device Friendly:

Sitecore features intelligent elements that repurpose the content in different formats and styles for different devices such as laptops, Smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc. Its unique shrinking and viewing standards automatically detects the devices and presents the content in the best possible view. Sitecore also has cross-browser compatibility to optimize the website view for multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.


Sitecore features multi-lingual capabilities to support the organizations spread globally in managing their content. It allows you to simplify the management of multiple language version sites and translation process in your native language with its powerful integration with Clay Tablet’s Rosetta Gateway and Lionbridge Technology’s Freeway.

Social Media Engagement:

Social Media Engagement

Sitecore CMS Solutions comes with social media engagement options to plug your site with a network like Facebook and LinkedIn, and continue the conversions across the social media. It also features pre-built components such as forums, polls, wikis, surveys etc. to help you nurture your own community.

Besides all these features, Sitecore supports cross channel target marketing, e-commerce and email marketing integration, multivariate testing background and much more.

Looking at all these features, we can say Sitecore gains a popularity of a preferred content management system for website and web application development with a right focus for developers, marketers, business owners and SEO specialists. It is an enterprise ready tool that can boost your online presence and drive you towards higher ROI. So, if you have decided to get Sitecore CMS based website, you need to make sure to go with CMS Experts, who has complete experience in this industry!!


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