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Monday, 19 August 2013

14 Quick Tips To Make WordPress More Secure

One of the most popular platforms for sites, WordPress attracts number of webmasters to expand their business and take vantages of that. It becomes very common for every webmaster to get website hacked, so it is essential to take some precautionary steps to avoid such types activities occurred with your site. To sort out webmaster's problem, here we come with some quick tips that must webmaster taken into consideration to make their WordPress site secure.

1# Update Your WordPress themes and plug-ins regularly:

As a professional person connected with WP platform, you have better idea that some themes and plug-ins face vulnerabilities each month. So, it is advisable to update all your themes and plug-ins taking helps of WordPress developers. If you are not doing so, you might trap into hacker's nest.

2# Shift Your wp-config file one level up:

One of the excellent practices make by admin is to move their wp-config.php file one directory up. Before moving to one directory up, you have to ensure to get the permissions right.

3# Limit login attempts:

It is important to limit login attempts, so to avoid any brute force attacks. Having such type of security, you can easily keep strangers out to your site and make it more secure. You can also have option to install plug-in or select 'Add New' and find WP-DB-Backup option that mentioned above.

4# Mange Your WP with Strong User Password:

Most importantly, webmasters have to create a strong password no matter how much awareness is raised around the danger. You can also take help of online password generator for create strong password, using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

5# Hide Your Username:

It becomes difficult task for user to guess both username and password. For your security, it is recommended to hide username by going through "Users" menu item in WP and go to each user for selecting an optional display name. You can create display name as your company name, your name or anything else.

6# Take Backup Regularly:

Taking backup of your website frequently is one of the wisest things you will do for your site. There are many different types of plug-ins available online that takes back up automatically. You just have to install them and use. After taking backup of your site, ensure to keep it at the most secure places or copy them to CDs.

7# Add 2-factor authentication to your site:

Add 2-factor authentication is another great ways to save your website from hackers. Having such option creates difficulty for hackers to access your admin page.

8# Add a firewall:

If you are unsatisfied with the level of protection WordPress and server scripts offer, then you have to add firewall in your WP website.

9# Scan Your Themes:

A collection of fantastic themes are available for WordPress. It doesn't mean that all are safe to use. Before implementing to your website, you must have to scan your theme files frequently to ensure there are no backdoors.

10# Observe files changes:

One shouldn't hack your website overnight. There are some intelligent hackers that plan for week before hacking any site. So, you have to be aware of that and observe all changes on your website to catch hackers before you deal with big loss.

11# Fight back against DDoS:

Sometimes, DDoS attacks can be horrible. So, webmasters have mitigated those types of threats by using mod_evasive to take evasive action while their site is being hacked by anonymous.

12# Implement third-party Services To Stop Attacks:

Another thing you can use for stopping spammers, SQL injection, and even DDoS attacks is implementing solutions like CloudFlare.

13# Check Out CSRF:

I know CSRF attack is new for you as we are not hearing about frequently. However, you have to make sure to protect your website against them. Such type of plug-in might be helpful for you to sort these problems.

14# Remove spam registrations:

Lastly, it is must to remove spam registration for security, if you are allowing registration option in your WP site. However, it is not a good option for every site, I know. Other thing you can do is install plug-ins to remove or block spam registrations.

So, above listed are 14 quick tips for making WordPress site more secure. Hope, you will implement these tips to your site to avoid hacking. If you are finding difficulty or have any other questions related to hacking and security, let us know through comment section.

Author Bio:

loves to write blogs and shares his knowledge through blogging. Working at Perception System as a WordPress developer, he always makes his clients happy by delivering excellent WordPress development services.


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