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Monday, 28 October 2013

WordPress Embellished with Collaboration & File Sharing Features with Cloudup Acquisition

WordPress is a free as well as open source blogging tool that based on PHP and MySQL to run on a web hosting services. Comes with numerous features, it is a great CMS and open source blogging tool that used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. However, this new CMS also embellished with many new features like collaboration, file sharing with cloudup acquisition and more.

WordPress Embellishment

Last month, WordPress.com's parent company Automattic added its main aim of world domination, which is powering most of the planets' websites with the buying of file-sharing startup Cloudup. Providing more information on these new features, Cloudup is still in its beta test stage, so it is not obtainable in the market for public. Mainly, this new features' technology is focused on helping you share videos, music, docs, images, drag and drop type environment.

One of the best things is that you can also share videos live with the audience at the time of uploading files with sync. The company decides to done this deal because WordPress clear interest in enhancing content and sharing. However, the terms of the attainment are not released. The company 'Automattic' is going to keep Cloudup in beta phase as well as will accept some additional 5000 beta users on the company' site.

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However, WordPress also clarified that it will use Cloudup technology in order to generate wished elements of WordPress blog like collaborative editing, where two or more than two people can easily work on the same post. By considering this feature in mind, we can say that it is a big enhancement for blogs with different owners. If you are looking to edit another blog post of any person, who is already in it, you will be served with a warning of their presence and will get option to take over their post.

You can prevail their work if you have edited post of any person without knowing them. Previous month, Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg said that "he intended for WordPress to be the platform behind most of the world websites – an ambitious goal, but he already has about 20 percent, and his company's market share is growing by about two or three percent a year".

Summary: "Now, WordPress has been embellished with some new features like collaboration, file sharing and many more that will be extremely helpful for blog users. To get more information about WordPress and its features, you can continue your ready and make yourself aware about these features".

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